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Skriv dagbok

november 4, 2009

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Prinsessen skrev (for lenge siden) om hvordan man skal skrive dagbok.

  • Choosing a Diary. This may surprise you but I prefer very plain and simple books for diaries, I think its because I feel less nervous about writing in them, somehow I don’t want to ruin a fancy or expensive notebook. My favourite type are plain back Moleskines, either lined or blank. I love the rounded corners and the simple design. I also prefer hardcovers because they last much longer.
  • How often to write? If you’re anything like me, having a lot of things to remember and do each day, you may find the idea of writing daily in your diary almost painful and soon be discouraged if you try. Instead I suggest writing whenever you feel the urge to. You may write three entries one day and then none for a week, that’s fine! If you have enough time you may like to set yourself the challenge of sticking to a schedule with your entries, or make it part of your daily routine, but writing in your Diary should be a pleasure and not an chore.
  • How much to write? Likewise I don’t believe you should force yourself to fill a page or write a certain amount. Some days you may just jot down a quote, others you might write a short story. Write as much or as little as you need to express yourself. I recommend always adding the date though, so you can look back later and know when it was written.
  • Write like Nobody’s Reading. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘dance like nobody’s watching’? That’s what writing a diary should be like. Let yourself loose. Get out all the negativity; vent, rant, brag, write your hearts desires. Just make sure you keep it in a safe place! If you ever accidentally happen on someone’s diary, respect their privacy and don’t pry, it would be as rude as going through their underwear drawer.
  • What to write about. Record things you hear or read. Write down your favourite quotes. Create affirmations for yourself. Make lists of ideas and dreams and words you like. Detail your daily experiences and how they made you feel. Draw pictures, sketches, little scribbles in the margins. Write out your own self analysis and introspective thoughts. Start stories and fairy tales that represent events in your life. Press leaves and flowers and feathers between the pages. Glue in tickets from shows, bus rides or scraps of gift wrap. Write poetry and love letters to yourself or others. Record your dreams. Copy song lyrics. Make a collage from magazine clippings. Write anything that comes to mind!
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  1. november 4, 2009 9:51 pm

    Skrev mye dagbok før, men så stoppet det plutselig opp… Kanskje jeg skulle begynt igjen, utrolig kjekt å lese senere.
    Fin guide du hadde funnet hvertfall =)

  2. november 5, 2009 8:34 am

    Veldig fint!

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